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Contracting Activities - The company executes projects fully with its commitment to the application of all the scientific basis used and the precise execution with the help of the administrative and technical competencies alike. The company operates through apparatus investment to implement projects to the fullest.

Department of Architectural Constructions and Buildings

Repair and Maintenance Buildings and Houses

CCTV and remote monitoring systems

Ventilation and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Business

Security Alarm and Fire Extinguishing Eystems

Department of Civil Constructions, Planning & Design

Access & Login Systems and Attendance Control


About US

Al-Ashbal Company is a symbol of efficiency codes on vocational and technical domains, The group itself has a crew of workers from various nationalities and cultures which enrich experiences within the group as well as the Council of Management. Hence, that leads to the development of vocational-technical scale through the  imports and the provision of all types of modern machines.

Our Vision

To be a developed construction contractor delivering beyond expectation, continuously.

Our Mission

Constructing Projects at competitive estimating, provide safe working conditions and deliver high quality in a short time.

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